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How is THC removed


Latest company news about How is THC removed

How is THC removed


latest company news about How is THC removed  0

Even if you want to manufacture CBD goods, THC, an illegal ingredient, cannot be detected from the navigation raw materials, which is disturbing.

If you purchase raw materials from ordinary wholesalers or entrust some enterprises with OEM manufacturing, you usually have no opportunity to know how thc is actually removed.

This article will tell you how thc is actually removed.

There are three main extraction methods for CBD raw materials, which are separated according to the solvent used during extraction.

1. Supercritical CO2 extraction

2. Ethanol extraction

Hydrocarbon extraction

This time, supercritical CO2 extraction, the raw material extraction method handled by our company, is taken as an example to explain. For details of other extraction methods, please see the following report.

Manufacturing method of CBD raw materials

Supercritical CO2 extraction (each extraction company has an "extraction formula", and there are also cases before and after the process or skipping) is basically processed from hemp biomass to CBD raw materials through the following process.

Manufacturing operation of CBD raw materials


latest company news about How is THC removed  1


※ hemp biomass: refers to dried hemp. Before applying hemp biomass to the extraction unit, it needs to be dried.

Before the harvested hemp biomass is poured on the CO2 extractor, the biomass must be dried to make it easy to enter the extractor and be crushed. As the drying standard, it is necessary to control the humidity at about 10~12% (depending on the machine used and the things you want to extract).

Pour the dried and crushed hemp biomass on the extractor to extract crude oil (liquid extract) first. In addition to CBD, this crude oil also contains other cardamoms, terpenes, other natural waxes and, of course, THC.

The subsequent processes (winterization and disintegration) are to remove the ingredients other than CBD and refine them to produce raw materials with higher purity of CBD.

At the end of the disintegration stage, the extracted extract is "CBD disintegration". The CBD contained in CBD distillate can be adjusted by repeating the distilling process. At this time, it also contains about 4% THC (before and after using hemp biomass raw materials). When this CBD distillate is set to CBD broad spectrum (THC free distillate), perform thc removal.


latest company news about How is THC removed  2


※ when making CBD isotopes, skip the "refining" in the above figure. During the isolation process, filter with heptane hexon pentane and other solvents to remove THC.

How to remove thc is explained below.

The most popular method to remove thc is "chromatography"

THC removal methods are mainly divided into the following two types.

① Chromatography (i.e separation)

② Conversion

In the United States, the process of removing thc is collectively referred to as "thc mediation" and "thc remove". The removal of THC can be roughly divided into two methods (separation / conversion).

Explain in sequence.

Method for separating chromographicbd and THC

The most popular removal method in history is called "chromatography". Chromatographic method, make use of the polarity (※) of THC and CBD to separate them.

※ molecule: a combination of atoms. The smallest unit that can divide a substance without losing its chemical properties. H2 (hydrogen) O2 (oxygen), etc.


latest company news about How is THC removed  3


※ polarity: uneven distribution of positive and negative charges in molecules or chemical bonds.

Separation of CBD and THC

THC and CBD, in fact, have very similar molecular structures and the same chemical formula. However, thc can be separated from extracts and distillates of raw materials due to different polarity and atomic configuration.

The specific method is to separate THC and CBD with solvents (ethanol, water, etc.). CBD moves with the solvent and is discharged earlier than THC.

There are many forms of chromatography. Reverse phase flash chromatography and counter current chromatography are the mainstream methods to remove THC.

HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) is sometimes used as an analytical machine in the production of coa. (chromatography is the determination method, chromatography is the device, and chromatography refers to the determination result)

reference material

Source: what is HPLC (high speed liquid chromatography) produced by Shimadzu Co., Ltd

Convert to other navigation nodes

"Conversion" is not to remove THC, but to convert it into other molecules (CBD or other navigation) by chemical transformation, ultraviolet decomposition or thermal oxidation.

Although THC and CBD have different atomic arrangements, their molecular structures are very similar and their chemical formulas are the same.

Chemical formula of CBD and THC

Source: National Library of Medicine

Compared with chromatography, the conversion operation is simple, so the price is cheap. On the other hand, according to the system used, about 15%~30% CBD may be lost after conversion.

Even the removal method of THC can be conveyed because it attaches importance to legitimacy

USDA organic certification

Off Co., Ltd. is a company that entrusts the OEM manufacturing and raw material sales of CBD products. The raw materials operated by the company have the following three characteristics.


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