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How to judge the quality of CBD


Latest company news about How to judge the quality of CBD

How to judge the quality of CBD


latest company news about How to judge the quality of CBD  0


When using CBD, the prices of different products vary greatly, but I think many people do not know how to judge the quality.


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1、 Properties of CBD raw materials

The most important thing is the nature of the raw material itself. Using it may make you feel good or bad, but it is important to understand the specific reasons.

1. The combination of cannabinoids is crucial. You can check the COA of the raw materials used. When ingested, it has a great impact on the effect. As mentioned above, it can be confirmed by COA (component analysis report). As you can see, this example includes CBD, cbdv, and CBC. In the powder state, CBD and cbdv will not detect anything else. In addition to CBD, broad spectrum oil also includes CBDA, thcv, CBG, C and other substances.

2. Tasting

Due to the interaction between cannabinoids, terpenes and other components (flavonoids, chlorophyll, etc.), cannabis will produce bitter and earthy taste. In order to mask these bitterness, when making oil or powder, for example, a powder with MCT oil powder can be designed.

CBD is mixed with other substances, which will reduce its purity, but raw materials using these technologies are more easily used to develop palatable products, such as steam, oil and food

3. Shape

CBD raw materials vary in shape.

○ wax

○ powder

○ oil

There are various forms, but the forms can change with temperature and time.

Of course, we will supply different forms of CBD according to customers' requirements.

4. Solubility

Many people may have experienced the crystallization and precipitation of CBD in liquid without good dissolution. The higher the concentration, the higher the risk of crystallization. Water soluble CBD will increase the risk of sedimentation. As a result, consumers will have to bother boiling and stirring.

Generally, the standard of separation and broad spectrum is 60%-99% and the water solubility is 10%, but the development of a raw material called "anti crystallization" to prevent crystallization is also in progress, and the solubility of the raw material is higher than this level.


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2、 Supplier

The quality of CBD provided by each supplier is different due to different varieties of marijuana, different planting places, different extraction methods and different services.

1. Let's take the extraction method as an example:

The process of extracting CBD from our company is as follows.

Solvent extraction (ethanol, supercritical carbon dioxide, ice water, etc.)

Remove fat and wax by filtration

Remove thc by distillation (only remove THC, etc.) → CBD distillate

Recrystallization by cooling (CBD crystallization only) → CBD isolate

The best way is to meet the following conditions:

① Reduce the loss of cannabinoids and terpenes

② , solvent-free and other residual components used for extraction

2. Take the services provided as an example:

Our company provides comprehensive safety testing to ensure the safety of raw materials.

① , pesticides

② . residual solvent

③ , microorganism (mycotoxin)

④ Heavy metals

We have certification from all regions of the world to ensure the safety of our products (such as FDA, MTSD, etc.).


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3、 Price

When our products are produced, the following major costs will be incurred.

1. Cost of plant raw materials

2. Equipment operation and maintenance costs

3. Labor cost

4. Transportation cost

5. Cost of supporting facilities

6. Taxes

Therefore, we believe that the following are reliable prices for raw materials bought and sold in China:

Average wholesale price of solid cbd1kg: 1700$-2000$

Average wholesale price of full spectrum oil cbd1kg: 1900$-2300$


latest company news about How to judge the quality of CBD  4


4、 Feel the effect of CBD

When purchasing raw materials, I think the raw material characteristics, suppliers and prices mentioned above are very important to the quality of CBD raw materials!

Moreover, from the perspective of the use of raw materials and the delivery of products to consumers, I think the actual feeling of the effect is also one of the key points to determine the quality of raw materials!

It can be said that the higher the effect, the better the quality of raw materials. I think there is a trade-off relationship with safety!

I think the best raw materials are those that are effective, safe and reasonably priced.

As long as we can keep it safe, we recommend effective raw materials!

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