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What are the CBD raw materials


Latest company news about What are the CBD raw materials

What are the CBD raw materials


CBD is a hot topic these days, but there are many kinds of CBD, such as CBN, water-soluble CBD and synthetic CBD. Many people can't catch up with which one to use and how to choose when making products


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In this article

What are the different types of CBD components?

What are the characteristics of each?

What should I choose?


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We will go into details:


1. CBD raw materials (3 basic types)

The diagram above shows the composition of marijuana.

Part of cannabinoid, the name of the medicinal compound contained in cannabis herb, is an ingredient called CBD (cannabinoid). It also contains a natural flavor component called terpene, which gives plants aroma, taste and color.

Remember, there are three CBD components (see figure above):

Full spectrum (raw material containing all the ingredients in cannabis)

Broad spectrum (raw material from which thc has been removed from all components of cannabis)

Isolate (only CBD raw material is extracted from the components contained in cannabis)

Let's take a closer look at each one.

Full spectrum

The full spectrum is a raw material that contains all the ingredients contained in cannabis. Its composition is closest to that of natural cannabis herb, and it is said to have the strongest pharmacological effect.

Cannabis is the most mainstream in legal countries, but it cannot be used in countries with THC regulations, including China.

According to the ratio of THC and CBD, it can play a variety of effects and can also be used for medical purposes.

broad spectrum

By ingesting CBD together with other cannabinoids (CBN, CBG, etc.), you can achieve a stronger CBD effect than CBD alone. This is known as the entourage effect and has been clarified through research.

Even if the same ingredients are used, the components of cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN) and terpenes (flavor components) will be different, and the obtained flavor and effect will also vary according to the ingredients.

Therefore, by adjusting the ingredients, you can use some products according to your desired mood, such as relax, sleep, uplifting and calm.


The isolate is a raw material obtained by extracting only CBD from the components contained in cannabis.

The purity of CBD was 99.9%. All substances in plants, including THC, terpene, wax, oil and chlorophyll, were removed during CBD separation and extraction.

Because it is tasteless, almost no hemp flavor. Although its pharmacological effect is not as good as that of broad spectrum, it is a cheap and easy to buy raw material.

It is recommended when you want to emphasize the non hemp flavor or want to reduce the cost when designing the product.


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2. cannabinoid

So far, we have looked at the types of raw materials, but here we will look at them from the perspective of cannabinoids. Although each has different pharmacological effects, we will choose representative ones.

CBD (cannabinoid)

CBD (cannabinoid) is used to improve health, relieve insomnia, anxiety and stress, and alleviate inflammation of muscles and joints.

It is a cannabinoid, which has received the most attention because of its wide range of pharmacological effects.

In medical treatment, it has been proved to be effective for epilepsy and seizures, and more and more countries use it for medical purposes.

CBN (cannabinol)

CBN (cannabinol) is said to have a strong sedative effect and is said to be particularly effective for insomnia.

In addition, antibacterial, neuroprotective, bone growth promoting and psoriasis (a disease that causes skin redness and rash) have also attracted people's attention.

It has almost no mental effect like tetrahydrocannabinol, but because tetrahydrocannabinol is a cannabinoid produced by oxidation or exposure to light and air, its use is limited in some countries such as Europe. It can be used in Japan.

CBG (cannabinol)

CBG (cannabinoid) directly binds to powerful cannabinoid receptors in the body and acts on cells of the immune system. It is said to be effective in the treatment of anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxation and glaucoma.


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3. terpene (aroma component)

Terpenes are aroma components in cannabis.

The composition of aroma components in limonene and laurene varies with hemp varieties. The above examples are og Kush and source tsunami, but the ingredients are different.

Terpenes are not only limited to cannabis, but also aroma components produced by plants. They have unique smell and beneficial effects, and are used as spices and health food.

You can make original CBD products by combining the smell and effect of terpene components.

I will explain each of them.


It often exists in lemon, orange, grapefruit, citron, lime, etc., with fruit and citrus flavor. The aroma of peeled citrus fruits.

It is said to have anti anxiety and analgesic effects.


It is commonly found in mango, mint and lemongrass and has a earthy smell similar to vanilla and cloves.

It is said that it has sedative, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti mutagenic effects.


It exists in hops, coriander, basil, ginseng and so on. It is said to have the smell of soil, wood and spicy.

It is said that it has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-tumor and appetite suppressive effects

β Caryophyllene

It is also found in basil, black pepper and cinnamon and has a pungent smell.

It has anti chronic pain, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory and anti necrosis effects.

α- Pinene

It is rich in conifers such as pine and cypress, as well as Japanese ginger. Once you enter the forest, you can smell the smell of the forest.

Even if you enter a new house made of wood, you can smell it α- The taste of pinene.

In addition to relaxation / stress inhibition, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, it is also said to improve memory.


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4. Processing technology (raw materials according to application)

As for the CBD related ingredients we have seen so far, we have recently developed processing technology and are developing easy-to-use raw materials according to applications.

Water soluble CBD

Cannabinoids such as CBD are fat soluble components, which are only soluble in oil. Even if you try to dissolve CBD in the beverage and process it, it will precipitate, resulting in difficult ingestion.

Therefore, CBD becomes soluble in water by processing (nano) it into finer particles and mixing it with emulsifiers (mixed water and oil).

Through nano technology, CBD is immediately absorbed into the blood from the mucosa. As a guide, it is said that the effect will appear within 10 minutes after ingestion. It is said that the absorption efficiency has increased by about 3-5 times or more.

The CBD of water-soluble CBD is usually 4%-30% by volume, because it contains emulsifiers and taste regulating ingredients.

Synthetic CBD

Synthetic CBD is a CBD made by chemical synthesis.

For example, CBD can be made by synthesizing (bonding) two substances, peridotol and limonene.

The reason why it is not extracted from natural cannabis is that it only produces purer CBD. Therefore, the synthetic CBD has no broad spectrum, only isolation.

For example, Japan's cannabis control law stipulates that it is illegal to possess commodities containing THC, but this risk can be completely eliminated.

However, due to the provisions of the food hygiene law, it has not been approved for use in food (* as of 2021), so it can only be used in cosmetics and other products applied to the skin, such as balsam.

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